都說包治百病,真正有這種體驗的還是要看塞林nano,如果你對於塞林的印象還停留在box那就out了,這一款形態像極了笑臉的Luggage系列在09年推出後就被時尚界公認為永恒款,這幾年經典的純色系選擇性太少,讓大家誤認為沒那麼火熱,其實大部分訂單都發往歐洲, 作為地區發售尤其是手柄一致,整體一色的Luggage,更加低調和趣味,一眼種草20cm現貨(168243)

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都说包治百病,真正有这种体验的还是要看塞林nano,如果你对于塞林的印象还停留在box那就out了,这一款形态像极了笑脸的Luggage系列在09年推出后就被时尚界公认为永恒款,这几年经典的纯色系选择性太少,让大家误认为没那么火热,其实大部分订单都发往欧洲,作为地区发售尤其是手柄一致,整体一色的Luggage,更加低调和趣味,一眼种草 20cm 现货(168243)


It is said that there is a cure for all diseases. The real experience depends on the Selin nano. If your impression of Selin still stays in the box, it will be out. This lugge Series in the form of a very smiling face has been recognized as an eternal model by the fashion industry since its launch in 2009. In recent years, there are too few classic solid color options, which makes people mistakenly think that it is not so hot. In fact, most orders are sent to Europe, As a regional sale, especially the luggage with the same handle and the same color as a whole, it is more low-key and interesting. It can grow grass 20cm in stock (168243)



搶先評價 “Celine(思琳)這一款形態像極了笑臉的Luggage系列在09年推出後就被時尚界公認為永恒款”