Dior(迪奧)D r book tote官網熱門新色水仙花~


D r book tote官網熱門新色水仙花~
大火的托特包簡單低調Z – P一樣厚實的棉麻編織材質每個細節是非常到位非常精緻~上身整個造型都多了藝術氣息很實用也能裝很多喜歡高顏值又實用的仙女推薦入
1286#大號41.5 x 34.5x 16cm

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D r book tote 官网热门新色水仙花~
大火的托特包简单低调 Z – P 一样厚实的棉麻编织材质 每个细节是非常到位非常精致~ 上身整个造型都多了艺术气息 很实用 也能装很多 喜欢高颜值又实用的仙女推荐入
1286# 大号 41.5 x 34.5x 16cm


Popular new color daffodils on the official website of D R Book Tote ~
The big fire tote bag is simple and low-key. It is made of cotton and linen woven material as thick as Z – P. each detail is very in place and very exquisite ~ the whole shape of the upper body has more artistic flavor and is very practical. It can also be recommended by many fairies who like high appearance and practical
1286# large 41.5 x 34.5x 16cm



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