Dior(迪奧)這個系列由Maria Grazia Chiuri設計


Dior 30Montaigne蒙田包
近期關注各種時尚類social media頻道的盆友們肯定對這個系列的包包很眼熟,這個系列由Maria Grazia Chiuri設計,相對耐耗的牛皮,顯然讓這個包實用度蹭蹭上漲。設計非常簡約,沒有過多的裝潢,顏色也很到位,是什麼場合都能hold住的系列噢
9008# 24x16x7cm

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Dior 30Montaigne蒙田包
近期关注各种时尚类social media频道的盆友们肯定对这个系列的包包很眼熟,这个系列由Maria Grazia Chiuri设计,相对耐耗的牛皮,显然让这个包实用度蹭蹭上涨。设计非常简约,没有过多的装饰,颜色也很到位,是什么场合都能hold住的系列噢
搭配上也不需要过多地花心思简简单单就能很出挑的单品 款式的设计简约大方,整体无比高级,绝对是通勤日常凹造型都能打的选手
9008# 24x16x7cm


Dior 30montaigne Montaigne
Recently, friends who pay attention to various fashion social media channels must be familiar with the bags of this series. This series is designed by Maria Grazia chiuri. The relatively durable leather obviously increases the practicability of this bag. The design is very simple, without too much decoration, and the color is also in place. It is a series that can hold on to any occasion
There is no need to spend too much effort on collocation. The design of simple items can be very outstanding. The design is simple and generous. It is extremely advanced as a whole. It is definitely a player who can play in commuting and daily concave modeling
9008# 24x16x7cm



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