1060【Loewe】羅意威專櫃爆款Puzzle銷量王大號幾何包大號10170,全面升級專櫃同步最新版本。 男女通用! 無敵大容量,日常,出遊妥妥滴! 尺寸:35x17x24cm。 專櫃同步最新做法,️介面,內裡托全皮,拼接寬肩帶,底部️釘。 採用進口西班牙小牛皮摸上去溫柔又舒適。 皮料精確切割使它可自然折疊,可手提可斜背(多種用法)長肩帶可拆卸,紡織內襯。 實用,使用感受倍兒棒噢! 高端獨家私定制五金,小牛皮,德國進口莎菲線,進口ykk拉鍊,ZP工藝,讓你尊享頂級品質!

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1060 【Loewe】罗意威专柜爆款 Puzzle 销量王大号几何包大号10170,全面升级专柜同步最新版本。男女通用!无敌大容量,日常,出游妥妥滴!尺寸:35x17x24cm。专柜同步最新做法,️接口,内里托全皮,拼接宽肩带,底部️钉。采用进口西班牙小牛皮摸上去温柔又舒适。皮料精确切割使它可自然折叠,可手提可斜背(多种用法)长肩带可拆卸,纺织内衬。实用,使用感受倍儿棒噢!高端独家私定制五金,小牛皮,德国进口莎菲线,进口ykk拉链,ZP工艺,让你尊享顶级品质!


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1060 [Loewe] Luo Yiwei’s counter is popular, and the sales volume of puzzle is Wang Dazhao’s geometric package Dazhao 10170. The counter is fully upgraded and the latest version is synchronized. Unisex! Invincible large capacity, daily, travel properly! Size: 35x17x24cm. The counter is synchronized with the latest practices, including the interface, the inner lining, the full leather, the splicing of wide shoulder straps, and the bottom nail. It is made of imported Spanish calf leather, which feels soft and comfortable. The leather material is accurately cut so that it can be folded naturally. It can be carried and tilted back (multiple uses). The long shoulder belt is detachable and the textile lining is. Practical, use feel Beier stick Oh! High end exclusive private hardware, calf leather, German imported Saffi line, imported YKK zipper, ZP technology, let you enjoy the top quality!



搶先評價 “Loewe(羅意威)採用進口西班牙小牛皮摸上去溫柔又舒適”