Loewe(羅意威)010122自帶降暑功效~Paula‘s Ibiza夏日限定系列Shigra B


010122自帶降暑功效~Paula‘s Ibiza夏日限定系列Shigra Basket籃子採用原色拉菲草編織出Shigra圖案清新、自然…手拎、單肩背都好看拍照、凹造型極好! 比上一季的草編包還受歡迎各大博主早已奮不顧身入手因為Ta有網紅DNA可調節肩帶+大容量草編包簡直是爆款公式一樣的存在~火好幾季沒在怕的! 安排! size:26*22*10cm

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010122自带降暑功效~Paula‘s Ibiza夏日限定系列Shigra Basket 篮子采用原色拉菲草编织出 Shigra 图案清新、自然…手拎、单肩背都好看拍照、凹造型极好!比上一季的草编包还受欢迎各大博主早已奋不顾身入手因为Ta有网红DNA可调节肩带+大容量草编包简直是爆款公式一样的存在~火好几季没在怕的!安排!size:26*22*10cm


010122 comes with its own sunstroke reducing effect ~ Paula’s Ibiza summer limited series shigra basket basket is woven with primary color Lafite grass, and the shigra pattern is fresh and natural… It’s nice to take photos with one shoulder and back, and the concave shape is excellent! Straw bags are more popular than last season’s, and major bloggers have been desperate to start, because TA has net red DNA adjustable shoulder strap + high-capacity straw bags, which is like a popular formula ~ the fire has not been afraid for several seasons! Arrange! size:26*22*10cm



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