LV(路易威登)【獨家實拍M45718】藍全皮媽咪袋系列By The Pool膠囊系列OnTh


【獨家實拍M45718】藍全皮媽咪袋系列By The Pool膠囊系列OnTheGo中號Tote包取材Monogram Empreinte皮革,為Monogram壓紋繪上微妙漸變色彩。詼諧皮革裝潢見證路易威登的精湛工藝,充裕空間輕鬆容納筆記型電腦等隨行所需,長短手柄方便肩背或手提。詳細特徵35 x 27 x 14cm

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【独家实拍M45718】蓝全皮 妈咪袋系列By The Pool 胶囊系列 OnTheGo 中号 Tote 包取材 Monogram Empreinte 皮革,为 Monogram 压纹绘上微妙渐变色彩。诙谐皮革装饰见证路易威登的精湛工艺,充裕空间轻松容纳笔记本电脑等随行所需,长短手柄方便肩背或手提。详细特征35 x 27 x 14cm


[exclusive real shot m45718] blue full leather Mommy bag series by the pool capsule series onthego Medium Tote bag is made of Monogram emprente leather and painted with subtle gradient colors for Monogram embossing. Witty leather decoration testifies to Louis Vuitton’s exquisite workmanship. There is plenty of space to easily accommodate the accompanying needs such as notebook computers. The long and short handles are convenient for shoulder, back or hand-held. Detail 35 x 27 x 14cm



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