LOCKY BB手袋M44141這款小巧而有型的Locky BB手袋採用Monogram帆布和牛皮材質,配有醒目的大尺寸金色掛鎖鎖扣,兼具精緻內涵與時尚個性。可以多種方式背攜,適合不同心境與場合,令時尚格調整日如影隨形:可手提、手挽,或借助可拆卸包帶肩背或斜挎。詳細特徵- 21.0 x 17.0 x 8.0 cm(長x高x寬)

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LOCKY BB 手袋 M44141这款小巧而有型的Locky BB手袋采用Monogram帆布和牛皮材质,配有醒目的大尺寸金色挂锁锁扣,兼具精致内涵与时尚个性。可以多种方式背携,适合不同心境与场合,令时尚格调整日如影随形:可手提、手挽,或借助可拆卸包带肩背或斜挎。详细特征 – 21.0 x 17.0 x 8.0 cm (长 x 高 x 宽)


Locky BB handbag m44141 this small and stylish locky BB handbag is made of Monogram canvas and cow leather, and is equipped with eye-catching large-size gold padlock lock lock. It has both exquisite connotation and fashionable personality. It can be carried on the back in a variety of ways, suitable for different moods and occasions, making the fashion style go hand-in-hand, hand-in-hand, or with the help of a detachable bag with shoulder back or messenger. Detailed features – 21.0 x 17.0 x 8.0 cm (L x H x W)



搶先評價 “LV(路易威登)兼具精緻內涵與時尚個性”