LV(路易威登)【M44223老花】此款由Monogram Eclipse帆布裁制而成的Odysse


【M44223老花】此款由Monogram Eclipse帆布裁制而成的Odyssey小號郵差包風格內斂,是打造休閒商務造型的理想之選。寬大的肩帶與柔軟的包身確保背攜舒適度。Size:27.0×22.5×7.5cm


【M44223老花】此款由Monogram Eclipse帆布裁制而成的Odyssey小号邮差包风格内敛,是打造休闲商务造型的理想之选。宽大的肩带与柔软的包身确保背携舒适度。Size:27.0×22.5×7.5cm


[m44223 old flower] this Odyssey small postman’s bag is made of Monogram eclipse canvas. The style is introverted, and it is an ideal choice to create a casual business style. The wide shoulder strap and soft body ensure the comfort of carrying. Size:27.0 × twenty-two point five × 7.5cm