LV(路易威登)N50032黑白男士郵差包新款Zoooom with friend系列2021


N50032黑白男士郵差包新款Zoooom with friend系列2021春夏系列,全新系列非常有潮玩風格,包容和多元,充滿趣味,從過往的面料、創意靈感款式等再次重塑與加碼,尺寸20x17x5cm


N50032黑白男士邮差包 新款 Zoooom with friend系列 2021春夏系列,全新系列非常有潮玩风格,包容和多元,充满趣味,从过往的面料、创意灵感款式等再次重塑与加码,尺寸20x17x5cm


N50032 black and white men’s Postman bag new zoom with friend series 2021 spring and summer series, the new series is very fashionable, inclusive and diverse, full of fun, from the past fabric, creative inspiration style and so on to reshape and overweight again, the size is 20x17xcm