LV(路易威登)Petit Sac Plat本款Petit Sac Plat手袋浸染微妙色彩漸


M80449粉色!Petit Sac Plat本款Petit Sac Plat手袋浸染微妙色彩漸變,加入2021夏季By The Pool配飾、皮具和成服系列,以經典Sac Plat手袋的袖珍版本囊括充裕空間。手提、肩背或斜挎皆宜。尺寸:14 x 17 x 5 cm

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M80449 粉色!Petit Sac Plat 本款 Petit Sac Plat 手袋浸染微妙色彩渐变,加入 2021 夏季 By The Pool 配饰、皮具和成衣系列,以经典 Sac Plat 手袋的袖珍版本囊括充裕空间。手提、肩背或斜挎皆宜。尺寸:14 x 17 x 5 cm


M80449 pink! Petit sac plat this Petit sac plat handbag is infused with subtle color gradients and added to the summer 2021 by the pool accessories, leather goods and ready-made clothing series to include plenty of space in the pocket version of the classic sac plat handbag. Portable, shoulder back or messenger. Dimensions: 14 x 17 x 5 cm



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