Prada(普拉達)最愛的是肩帶還掛著個小掛飾(小包) #聖誕節


褶皺羊皮三合一2021年新款1BD289褶皺羊皮,nylon Hobo手拎/腋下包網紅姐妹團瘋狂種草而風靡時尚圈的全皮hobo出了新款! 這款全皮Hobo包翻蓋設計太棒了一包三用腰包/斜挎/單挎把手柄換成了鏈條,當腋下包多了一抹子性感,還配上長肩帶,最愛的是肩帶還掛著個小掛飾(小包),也可以掛其它包和褲頭當飾品呼應平常各種衣著搭配都沒問題寶寶們趕緊入手哦, 太美了尺寸:長21x高14x底6cm

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褶皱羊皮三合一2021年新款1BD289褶皱羊皮,nylon Hobo手拎/腋下包网红姐妹团疯狂种草而风靡时尚圈的全皮hobo 出了新款!这款全皮Hobo包翻盖设计太棒了一包三用腰包/斜挎/单挎把手柄换成了链条,当腋下包多了一抹子性感,还配上长肩带,最爱的是肩带还挂着个小挂饰(小包),也可以挂其它包和裤头当饰品呼应 平常各种衣着搭配都没 问题宝宝们赶紧入手哦,太美了尺寸:长21x高14x底6cm


Fold sheepskin three in one new 1bd289 fold sheepskin in 2021, nylon hobo carrying / armpit bag net red sister group crazy grass planting and popular full leather hobo in the fashion circle has made a new style! The flip design of this full leather hobo bag is great. A bag of three purpose waist bag / messenger / single messenger has replaced the handle with a chain. When there is an extra trowel under the armpit, it is sexy and equipped with a long shoulder strap. My favorite is that the shoulder strap is also hung with a small pendant (small bag), and other bags and trouser heads can also be hung as accessories. Usually, there is no problem with all kinds of clothes. Children hurry to start, Beautiful size: length 21x height 14x bottom 6cm



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