Chanel(香奈兒)升級版新品Chane鏈子小包Wallet on chain肯定也少不了啦這包


升級版新品Chane鏈子小包Wallet on chain肯定也少不了啦這包型超實用但它有一個bug~就是⛓太長了,因為它是按照歐美的身材設計的,對於亞洲人會稍微偏長!但!不怕,現在有神奇的小金球!再也不用擔心包掉屁股了!神奇的小金球能隨意控制長短!完全就是私人定制嘛!這個設計真的很贊…不難看出它會有多爆!八個顏色配最新全套包裝P1450size:19cm


升级版新品Chane链子小包Wallet on chain肯定也少不了啦 这包型超实用 但它有一个bug~就是⛓太长了,因为它是按照欧美的身材设计的,对于亚洲人会稍微偏长!但!不怕,现在有神奇的小金球!再也不用担心包掉屁股了!神奇的小金球能随意控制长短!完全就是私人定制嘛!这个设计真的很赞…不难看出它会有多爆!八个颜色配最新全套包装P1450size:19cm


The upgraded version of the new chane chain small package wallet on chain must be indispensable. This package is super practical, but it has a bug ⛓ It’s too long, because it is designed according to the figure of Europe and America, and it will be slightly longer for Asians! But! No, there’s a magic little golden ball now! Don’t worry about losing your ass anymore! The magic little golden ball can control the length at will! It’s completely private customization! This design is really great… It’s not hard to see how explosive it will be! Eight colors with the latest full package p1450size: 19cm



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